Simple student recipe: Veggie quesadillas

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By: Taylor Garrett


   For lunch, I always like to make something that is fast and can be cleaned up easily. My go-to is always some kind of quesadilla because they are so easy to make! Now, this might not be a fancy authentic quesadilla that you get at an amazing Mexican restaurant, but it is still tasty! Just use your favorite vegetables and cheese and give yourself about 10 minutes to make it.


• Store-bought tortillas (any size)

• Your favorite shredded cheeses

• Your favorite vegetables

• Your favorite salsa


• Step 1

Preheat a large skillet on a stovetop at medium heat and lay one tortilla on top.

• Step 2

Sprinkle cheese on top, allowing it to melt.

• Step 3

While cheese is melting, cut the vegetables into small pieces, placing them in the melting cheese as you go.

• Step 4

Once you have all veggies on, sprinkle more shredded cheese and put a tortilla on top.

• Step 5

After the cheese on top has started to melt, flip over the quesadilla carefully.

• Step 6

Continue flipping until golden spots come up on the tortillas, remove from heat, cut and enjoy with your favorite salsa or other sauce!

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