Living with the editors: Avocados and geese

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By: Alyssa Foster and Cassidy Martenson

Co-Editor and Visiting Writer

   We hope you all had a good week, because we can’t say we did. Cassidy got an avocado, and that was the highlight of the entire week.

   We have to begin this with a shout out to Cassidy’s professor, Dr. Davis. We know you’re reading this. 

   Next, we have to give a shout out to the campus geese. We absolutely cannot stand you guys. This week Alyssa and her boyfriend got to see an opossum get into a fight with one of the geese in the parking lot. It was a very short fight, but it was impressive. Cassidy missed the fight, but she nearly had her own fight with the geese…twice. 

   “One came flying and hissing at me,” said Cassidy in an early-morning text to Alyssa after nearly being attacked by one. They are vicious, and we are not fans.

   Cassidy’s boyfriend goes to school at Notre Dame, so sometimes while they are on campus there, they will see people sitting in the grass having picnics, reading and hanging out with friends. We wish we could do that. However, we don’t see ourselves laying in geese poop anywhere on campus anytime soon. 

   This week was not even eventful. The wildest thing that happened was when Cassidy walked into the apartment and Alyssa was laying in the living room. It is rare that Alyssa sits out there since she is usually doing homework or at work, so Cassidy was quite startled when she walked in.

   We have come to the point of the semester where we have no food and no drinks in our apartment, and we do not want to go get any since we only have a few weeks left. Therefore, Cassidy will continue drinking orange juice and eating reheated Papa John’s pizza, and Alyssa will keep eating ramen noodles.

   The adorable avocado you see here is Cassidy’s new friend, Horus. She used her Crimson Cash to purchase him, and he has easily become her favorite thing. Alyssa’s highlight of the week is that she won $50 on a lottery ticket. Her boyfriend bought the completely wrong lottery tickets for her, but she won fifty bucks and she can’t be mad at him for that, I guess. 

   Can you believe next week will be our last week of Living with the editors? Not just for the school year. It will be our last issue EVER. Let’s hope this next week is a good one (or bad one, for your entertainment), so that we can go out with a bang. 

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