A thank you to IU

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By: Chloe Teall


   To be candid, when I started at this university four years ago I had pretty low expectations. As a South Bend native I harbored some disappointment for not being able to go to another city, move into a dorm, and live out the college experience as I’d seen it depicted in movies. However, I quickly realized that the best place for me to be was right where I was: Ernestine Raclin School of the Arts.

   Over the years I have been granted so many opportunities, met some amazing people and grown into, like, a real adult. IU played a crucial role in this development. For me, the community on campus is the perfect balance of being supportive while also helping me nurture my own independence. 

   In joining The Preface, I have immersed myself even further into the IU community and it has been a wonderful experience. I am so grateful for my fellow writers, editors and, of course, legendary Ken Klimek. I’ve always loved writing, but having this outlet in such a supportive environment has made my senior year the best so far.

   Being an art student was a dream come true for me; from the time I could hold a pencil I was being creative with it in one way or another. I cannot speak highly enough of the art program here. Being surrounded by other highly motivated creative individuals has been pertinent to my growth as an artist. It is so difficult to foster an atmosphere that allows for so much vulnerability and brutal honesty to exist all at the same time, and I am grateful to have been part of it. 

    In particular, I would like to thank the professors I have had the pleasure to get to know over the years. They have all been wonderful at teaching me, uplifting me, and flat out humbling me when necessary. I have been Bill Tourtilette’s biggest fan since my first semester in the art program; which is saying something, because he has a lot of fans. Although I just met Natasha Somerville in my senior year, the artistic progress I have made under her guidance has been significant. I cannot speak highly enough about their curriculum or extensive knowledge of their craft. 

   It feels very bittersweet to be graduating, but I am so excited for my future. Even though I won’t be on campus attending classes anymore, IU has taught me how to be a student forever. My advice for any freshman is to savor every moment here, and don’t let yourself become isolated from the community on campus. Join a club, write for The Preface, meet with your peers outside of class, it will seriously make your time spent here so much more enjoyable.

   With peace and love, Chloe. 

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