Small business spotlights

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By: Taylor Garrett

   You might be surprised how many students right here at IU South Bend own and operate a small business. Supporting them in their journey is easy to do, and if you are interested, think about purchasing from them next time you need a gift or just want to treat yourself!


   Anyone that collects small things, especially pins, shop here! Owned by Haley Odiorne, a senior studying Fine Arts, and her best friend Katelan Gongwer, this is a small business that specializes in creating enamel pins. So far, they only feature mushroom designs, but plan on expanding. They enjoy the process of creating and brainstorming the pins and coming up with ways they can get creative with their ideas. 

   To find their business or to make a purchase, look up their Facebook group @PixieVixenPins. There you will find their Linktree containing their Etsy and other social media!

Nothing Matters

   If anyone wants a unique, handmade t-shirt, this is your kind of small business! Owned by Liceth Cruz who studies Fine Arts, this business creates t-shirts inspired by her art. So far, it features three unique designs in many sizes that she is proud to sell. Liceth enjoys spreading a positive message through her business: that life is short, and we shouldn’t get caught up in the little things. Don’t take life so seriously! 

   To find her business, you can find her around campus or on Snapchat and Facebook. She is in the process of making a website, but currently just sells through word of mouth.

Cloud Cosmetics

   If you need some self-care, this is for you! Owned by Katie Kvietkus, an MBA student, Cloud Cosmetics is a chemistry-based, natural personal care line that strives to improve the overall health of your skin and hair. Kvietkus said she enjoys when people add her products into their personal care routines as a daily treat! 

   To find her business or to make a purchase, find her on Instagram and Facebook @mycloudcosmetics. If you are looking to have a new personal care routine, you can call or email her at and 574-338-7744. 

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