Sex After Dark: That event you were embarrassed to go to

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By: Mira Costello


   This event is not what it sounds like – well, at least not exactly..

   On April 4, the River Crossing Community Building held Sex After Dark – a panel Q&A session about healthy relationships and sex – from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. 

   Panelists included Dr. Betsy Lucal, an IU South Bend sociology-anthropology professor with a research focus in gender and sexuality; Dr. John Petersen, a clinical psychologist at Family Psychology of South Bend specializing in relationships and sex; and Dr. Teresa Dobrzykowski, RN, who is a professor in our school of nursing and the director of care services at the Health and Wellness Center.

   While the panelists did not receive many questions from students, questions prepared by Titan Productions provided ample opportunities for discussion. Topics included expressing boundaries, communicating with someone who has a different communication style, navigating relationships with cultural differences, intimate partner violence, sexual health and consent, contraception, stigma and more. 

   On the topic of sexual violence, Dr. Dobrzykowski noted that IU South Bend will be one of few college campuses to soon have SANE exam services. SANE exams (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner exams) are a way to collect forensic evidence that might be needed to prosecute a sexual assault and to provide comprehensive care to a survivor of an assault. Having this service on campus, as opposed to only in a hospital setting, facilitates the process of reporting an assault and seeking medical care.

   A table of freebies, both sex oriented and general health oriented – condoms, Plan B emergency contraceptive, nasal spray, pain relievers, vitamin supplements, nasal Narcan, and more – were also available for students to take home at no cost.

Photos // Mira Costello

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