Living with the editors: The final countdown

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By: Alyssa Foster and Cassidy Martenson

Co-Editor and Visiting Writer

   Are you all aware that Cassidy used to be a professional cake decorator? 

   Sorry, that was a weird way to start. Hi. Welcome back. Did you know that Cassidy was a professional cake decorator? Cassidy thinks that it is insane that Alyssa went to college on a bowling scholarship. Alysa thinks it is crazy that Cassidy used to make cakes look like the cakes you see in magazines. The photo attached to this story is a cake made by Cassidy. Are you kidding me? Insane.

   Alyssa took another trip down to New Castle this past weekend to see Chris Lane in concert. Alyssa and Benjamin waited in line for hours before Chris finally came on at 11 p.m. The perks of waiting in line so early? They were right against the stage. The not-so-great part? Alyssa got elbowed in the head by Chris. Check out her recent post on Instagram @foster.alyssa for proof of how close she was. 

   By the time you read this, Alyssa will be preparing for another visit down in New Castle to see Benjamin’s family. This time, though, she will be going for a much more important performance. Benjamin’s 12-year-old brother, Zach, will be playing the Tin Man in his school’s play. Zach is Alyssa’s favorite person in Benjamin’s family- he is even higher up than Benjamin is- so there is no way she is missing his performance. At least while he is performing, he will not be able to sit on top of her, as seen in the photo attached. 

   Speaking of little brothers, Cassidy’s euchre partner is John’s little brother. Alyssa does not even know how to play euchre, so having a small child as a partner is pretty incredible. Apparently his very young cousin plays as well. Should Alyssa be embarrassed over the fact that she only knows how to play Uno? 

   Alyssa has spent the whole week doing homework and doing even more homework. She usually babysits a couple days per week, but one of the families is in Florida for the week, causing boredom and brokenness for Alyssa. 

   We have also decided that we do not want to work anymore. We only want our boyfriends to work. If they get jobs that pay enough, Cassidy would like to pursue a well-paying job that requires doing the bare minimum. Alyssa would like to do nothing. We know that is not practical, though, so if you know of any ways for us to make some extra cash, let us know.

   We would like to send out a warning to the dining facilities on campus. We only have four weeks left of the semester and we each have over $100 to spend on our Crimson Cards. Cassidy is stocking up on protein shakes, and Alyssa is stocking up on bottled water and granola bars. 

   Overall, though, there are only a few more issues of Living with the editors. What will we do when we cannot share our lives with you anymore? Alyssa will be joining The Preface for a final semester in the fall, but she will not have anybody to entertain you with, and she definitely does not want a column that only discusses her life. Know of anybody who would make a good fit for entertaining Preface readers? Send them our way. We have plenty of paid positions waiting for you and your friends. Please. Come hang out with us.   

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