“It was wunderbar!”: German Club hosts annual dinner

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By: Mara Nolan


   The German Club at IU South Bend celebrated its annual dinner at Weiss’ Gasthaus on April 7. In total, attendees of the event filled three large tables. There was an eclectic mix of diners of all ages, including students, professors, parents and children. 

   The dinner provided an opportunity for IU South Bend community members to meet new people and bond over authentic German culture. Across the restaurant, people engaged in lively conversation, enjoyed delicious food and took in the German atmosphere. People ordered schnitzel, pretzels, schweinshaxe, Black Forest cake and many other delicacies.  

   A few students shared their thoughts about the dining experience, commenting on the German décor (which included lederhosen), great service and splendid company. 

   “I loved the experience,” said Felicity Moody, who attended the event with her sister who is a student at IU South Bend. “It was so fun to walk in and see lederhosen hanging on the wall, and I loved that each table was adorned with fresh flowers. I would definitely do this again. It was wunderbar!” (Moody used the German word for “marvelous.’)

   But mostly, people raved about the food.

   “Since I haven’t been to Germany, it was really nice to have an authentic German meal,” said Tori Hartl, a German student who attended the dinner. “I liked that the food was mostly homemade. It was all very good!”

   “German food is exquisite,” said Ryan Burgh, criminal justice major and self-proclaimed Germanophile. “It’s so different from other food, and it’s a really great way to connect with German culture.” 

   After a few Covid-19 years that prevented the annual celebration, this German Club dinner was a success. Club leaders said they hope that more people will join next year for an authentic taste of German culture. Prost!

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