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By: Chloe Teall


   Well folks, it’s hard to believe there is only about a month left of the spring semester. As we near summer break, now might be the perfect time to consider welcoming a new best friend into the family. Like people, it takes animals a while to acclimate to new environments before they fully feel safe in their surroundings. Adopting an animal over the summer allows both pet and owner to really get to know each other without being distracted by coursework. 


   That being said, it is important to remember that pets are a huge responsibility and lifelong commitment. Summer eventually always ends, but your pet will be with you for their entire life. Your dog still needs to be fed, brushed, and walked regardless of if you have nothing to do all summer, or you are getting slammed on finals week. 

   Let’s meet this week’s furry companions.

   Sweet Smokey is a charming little kitty who cannot wait to find her forever home. Smokey is one year old, but she still only weighs about five pounds. Don’t be confused, though, because this tiny lady is worth her weight in gold. Her unique markings set her apart from the crowd and Smokey knows it! She would love to find a home where she can be loved and cherished forever. As a young adult, she still has a lot of spark and would be delighted to have a variety of toys, and perhaps a cat tower so she can look over her castle. 


   Octavia is a striking black-and-white Labrador retriever-Pitbull mix who just wants to have a good time. At only one year old, Octavia has a lot of life to live and is ready to share it with the perfect family. She is a socialite who falls in love with everyone she meets, and they can’t help but do the same! Octavia loves to go on long walks and she has excellent manners on leash. Additionally, she knows several commands and is very polite around food. If you need a permanent car ride buddy, or someone who will always be there to catch a ball, Octavia just might be the gal for you. 


   If you are looking for someone that is large and in charge, Enzo might just be the boy for you! At an impressive 122 pounds, this guy is the largest in the shelter. Enzo is an eight-year-old, neutered Cane Corso mix who would be happiest in a home without other pets. Don’t let his size fool you, because Enzo will still try to be your lap dog. When he’s not trying to cuddle, he loves playing with toys and splashing around in water. He has a calm personality and gentle soul that he cannot wait to share with his future family.

   Enzo and Octavia’s adoption fees have been waived. 

   If you are interested in any of the pets mentioned above, or are looking for the perfect fit for your home, visit the Elkhart County Humane Society website http://www.elkharthumanesociety.org.

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