The Preface is hiring: Get paid to write!

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By: Chloe Teall


   Have a knack for writing? Looking for a way to make some extra money while working on your own time? IUSB’s very own The Preface is looking to add some more employees for the upcoming semester.

   While we are primarily looking for people to fill writing positions, we are also open to hiring photographers, cartoonists, social media management, or layout designers. This is a paid job where you choose your own schedule. If you would rather receive credit hours for your time, internship opportunities may be available as well.

   Odds are, if you are reading this, you have some sort of interest in the comings and goings on IUSB campus. You are likely a student, or know a lot of students, and like to stay up-to-date on events in the community. Considering these factors, writing for The Preface might be a great opportunity for you to get paid for what you are already doing!

   I could go on and on about all of the benefits about writing for this newspaper, because there are a lot, but I think the best way for me to convince you to join us is just by sharing my own personal experience as a staff-writer this past year.

   I always had an interest in joining The Preface, but before becoming a writer there were several factors that always held me back. First of all, I am not in communications: I am an art major. In fact, I had zero knowledge about journalistic writing or reporting at all. It was my assumption that I would have to already have extensive writing experience, which simply isn’t true. In fact, the majority of our staffs’ majors vary from history, to labor studies, to art, and business. Really, the common denominator is that we all have something to say and want somewhere to say it.

   My second hesitation was that I did not have enough time to commit to The Preface, or that it would be hard to maintain a university job with my busy schedule. Yet, even with 18 credit hours and trying to stay afloat in my final semester, fitting in my duties as a writer for The Preface is relatively easy. This is because it is a very flexible position that operates around your schedule. 

   I choose exactly how much I want to work, and I’ve never had another job that I could say that about. If I know I have a lot of assignments one week, I have the option to only take one story of my choosing. Everyone who writes or edits for The Preface is a student too, and we understand that life happens. As a college student, having this kind of flexibility and support in a job is both invaluable and incredibly rare. 

   My biggest issue about being a writer for The Preface is the fact that I stopped myself from joining much sooner. Learn from my mistakes. 

   Those interested in writing for The Preface can email or DM us via our instagram page @iusbpreface. We are excited to have you!

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