Riverside Housing hosts open mic night

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By: Ashley Rose


   Titan Productions hosted an open mic night at the Riverside Community Building on March 29 with over double the expected number of attendees. 

   With the lights dimmed and a single spotlight presented, the stage was set. Titan Productions anticipated having roughly 25 attendees to the event, but staff members had to pull out extra chairs and bean bags to make room for over 60 students attending the event. 

   Multiple talented Titans put on a show throughout the night, with a range of singing, guitar playing and comedy acts. 

   “It was really awesome to see so many talented students from IU South Bend perform. I think Titan Productions did a great job putting everything together as well. The cookies were also amazing,” Casey Yankowsky, freshman, said.

   Performers included freshman Jordan Bontrager, junior Camille Pickrell, senior Ian Greaves, sophomore Cam Smith and freshman Mira Costello. 

   There was so much talent presented by the Titans that night, with amazing reviews from several students. 

   “Mira was such an amazing performer! She did a great job at making the crowd laugh but her songs were so soothing at the same time. She’s a queen,” Manda Jenkins, freshman, said. 

   The show lasted over an hour and a half and was a hit success for the organization crew, as well as all of the talented performers that provided entertainment for the night.

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