Living with the editors: Burnt and burnt out

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By: Alyssa Foster and Cassidy Martenson

Co-Editor and Visiting Writer

   Back again. Are we sad knowing that we only have three weeks left of sharing our fascinating lives with you? Absolutely. But we’ll be honest and let you know that we’re ready to be done with this school year, and without the dramatic events that occur during our lives in school, we probably wouldn’t be able to entertain you anyways. 

   Should we start this week out by telling you some good parts of our week or some bad parts? I guess we can just start at the beginning. Alyssa had to pay $325 in taxes this year. Her taxes were so confusing that it took two professionals at her tax place to figure them out. The worst part? She wasn’t paying taxes on work income. She was paying taxes on her scholarships she received for school.

   Ironically enough, even the best part of our days was able to be bad this week. Usually we look forward to our Starbucks visits. I mean, how could you go wrong with a grande Chai latte and a breakfast sandwich? It’s not hard, actually. All it takes is being given a sandwich with a cold egg, and you have instant disappointment. The crazy part was that this happened to BOTH of us, and it was not at the same location. 

   Let’s lighten this up with a little bit of good news before we give you some more juicy details about the comedy show that we call our lives. Alyssa got her nails done at a new place, and it was the most affordable place she has ever been to. However, it was very concerning when they applied the giant tip to her nail and then put the acrylic on before trimming the tip. She definitely thought she was going to walk out of the place with complete claws, but the lady cut them down to the perfect length, and now Alyssa is completely happy with her bubblegum pink nails.

   As for Cassidy, she has done the most impressive thing known to mankind. She guessed the Wordle on the first try. That’s right. Five green squares on the first guess. Have you ever been so impressed with something? Don’t answer that. 

   Cassidy also recently tried a new lotion. Though Alyssa has used it for almost a year, Cassidy definitely likes it more than Alyssa does. Random texts saying, “I love this lotion” can prove that. If Sol de Janiero wants to sponsor us and send us some Brazilian Bum Bum cream, please let them know we will gladly accept.

   Cassidy and Alyssa are currently preparing for an F on a paper in one of their classes. They were a part of the same group in the class, and while the papers were individual assignments, they will likely be receiving the same grade. Alyssa is already crying over the fact that she only has 104% in the class, so imagine the emotions if an F really is given on the paper. 

   While this week was not the most eventful one we have had this semester, it sure was interesting. Sometimes while writing this column we look back through our texts and see what kinds of interesting things we said throughout the week. This week’s special text came from Cassidy, saying, “I want to cry but at the same time, I’m so burnt out that I don’t care.”

   Cassidy is burnt out. Alyssa is physically burnt. That is her own fault, though, because she won’t stop going tanning. At least Cassidy is smart and uses tanning drops in her lotion to get some color. But then again, why do we even need to be tan? The only public places we go are class and Target. Otherwise, you can find us sitting in our bedrooms doing homework and watching Criminal Minds and 9-1-1. 

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