Spring break snapshot

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By: Connie Klimek

Staff writer

   Whether students and faculty decide to travel, rest, catch up on work, or binge a show, a break amidst the middle of a semester is appreciated by most. Here are some Spring Break highlights of IU South Bend’s students.

   Shamiso Chigadza, Finance ‘23, shares a snapshot of herself playing tennis at John Adams High School with some friends. 

   Kaitlyn Dow, Elementary Education ‘22, camped outside of the United Center in Chicago to see Billie Eilish. Dow shares a snapshot of Eilish performing in concert. 

   Hannah Freeto, Theatre ‘23, attended Hairspray, in South Bend, at the Morris Performing Arts Center. Freeto shares a snapshot of the performance stage.

   Lexi Goy, Biology ‘21 traveled to Naples, Florida and shares a snapshot of herself on a rollercoaster with her fiancé. 

   Chrisse Lai, Health Promotion ‘22 visited Chicago with her sister who came to visit from Hawaii.  Lai shares a snapshot of her and her sister in front of the green river in Chicago. 

   Grace Logan, Communication: Public Relations ‘22 and her fiancé Ben Janowski, Marketing and Advertising ‘22 visited Hutchinson island south, Florida. They hiked 2 miles on a bridge 100ft up. 

   Yannick Mwisa, visited New York and shared a snapshot of himself shopping. 

   I’Vory Woods, Social Work ‘23 traveled to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Visiting the Hollywood Wax Museum, Woods shares a snapshot of Ellen DeGeneres’ wax figure. 

   IU South Bend students and faculty studied abroad in Costa Rica during Spring Break. They share a snapshot, taken by Mallory Edmondson, of themselves posing with an IU flag in Costa Rica. 

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