Softball: Spring trip going forth

By: Kaylee Darnell

Sports Editor

   The softball team recently took a week-long trip to Kissimmee, FL for their annual Spring trip. The team flew down to Orlando on Mar. 11, and returned back to South Bend on Mar. 19. During their trip they played 10 games across their seven day spree and came back home with the record of 2-8. 

   The team had been practicing since August of 2021 and going into 2022 they had two-a-day practices almost every day to prepare themselves for the upcoming season and competition. Winning only two games was not on their list, but it did cause a new bond of the team and brought to light what the team needs to work on for the remainder of the season and going into conference play. 

   “My expectations going into spring trip were to finally be able to showcase our talents and play against great competition. With this being my last spring trip, I just wanted to leave it out on the field. Even though this wasn’t how we wanted it to go, I believe every single one of us left it all out there,” senior Brittney Johnstone said. 

   “Going into my senior spring trip, I wanted to have fun, compete with other teams, and continue my bond with my teammates,” senior Brittany VanderBrink said.

    The team faced some nationally ranked teams while on the field and even though they did not come out on top on the scoreboard, they held their own against them and were able to find their strengths and their weaknesses. 

   “I was most surprised with how the team overcame obstacles. We didn’t play as well as we wanted to and had some major bumps along the way, but we faced it head on and played together as a team. I think the team learned lots of things that we need to work on. I personally learned how to best lead the team,” senior Shelby Baker said. 

   “I think as a team we will focus more on being just that, a team. We say it time and time again how we will be there for one another but now it is time to put it to the test. Going into conference play it’s truly so important to understand what it means to be a good teammate and I think we all learned something from this trip to help us with that. As for me, I really have my eyes opened as far as being a good teammate and overall a good friend to everyone. I want people to be able to confine me and I want to be the best teammate I can possibly be for the other two that share my position,” freshman Haley Fair said. 

   Now knowing what they need to work on in upcoming days, the team has been putting what they learned onto the field and in their minds. By working harder at practice to prove they have what it takes and spending time together outside of practice they are able to better communicate and better understand each other to come together as one. 

   “Finishing 2-8 was definitely not what we expected, but we played really great competition. As far as bouncing back, it will really depend on how badly we truly want it as a team, I think we want it but it’s going to be about how we are going to get it,” Fair said.

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