Living with the editors: we’re back

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By: Alyssa Foster and Cassidy Martenson

Co-Editor and Visiting Writer

   Hey everyone. We are back and nothing has changed. Not even our column’s title has changed, yet one of us has not been an editor for about two months. So, why haven’t we changed it? That’s simple. We realized that we have already been running with the name for a couple of months, and there is only one month left before finals week. Therefore, why even bother coming up with a new name? 

   Spring break is over and now we are ready for the school year to be over. For those of you who did not know, Cassidy will be graduating in May. Alyssa, however, still has to return in the Fall for her final semester. While she does not mind school, she is not a fan of commuting. Having to be on campus Monday through Friday in the fall is not going to be fun while she lives an hour away in LaPorte. If anybody knows of any good, affordable apartments in the South Bend or Mishawaka area, send her a message. She is desperate. 

   I’m sure that by now you’re probably wondering how we are three paragraphs into this column and yet we have not mentioned having a bad week yet. Did Cassidy and Alyssa actually have a good week? Well, no. We just decided not to mention it until this paragraph. In reality, though, Alyssa has had the worst week in a while, and Cassidy has not even had time to consider how her week truly went because she still has not escaped the homework and 25-page papers. 

   Alyssa started her week with a broken tire. You read that right. It was not a flat tire, but a broken tire as something inside of it snapped and put a hole in it. She does not know much about cars, so that is the best explanation you will get. Replacing one tire took nearly 300 dollars and two hours of her sleep as she had to be there at 8 a.m. Let’s not forget to mention that they replaced the wrong tire to begin with, though. 

   Alyssa also got her notice back from petitioning to have one of her courses from her previous university count for credit at IU South Bend. She was denied. Now Alyssa gets to enjoy figuring out how to get an additional credit for one of her General Education classes. How exciting, right? She is quite eager to take a Gen-Ed class during her final college semester. At least she is still able to graduate.

   Adding to her struggles, Alyssa is emotionally exhausted and has been struggling with a lot of personal matters lately. She probably just needs a coffee and some pesto from Noodles & Co., but for now she will continue staying up all night crying over her current situations. 

   Cassidy had an eventful week. She says nothing bad happened, but she bases her week on a bad-good scale depending on whether her car is working or not. It worked this week, so it was a good week. Cassidy also went to Sephora for the first time in five years. 

   Finishing this up, it needs to be mentioned that we forgot to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Cassidy breaking her coccyx. It happened a year ago on Valentine’s Day, but we figured a month late is never too late to celebrate. 

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