A spring full of music

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By: Benjamin Ward


   IU South Bend’s Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts is kicking into full gear with spring performances. Students and faculty enjoy lighter restrictions as they attend their fellow’s performances. Though the showcase of events changed only slightly in frequency throughout the pandemic, the performances took a major hit compared to years prior.

   Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts has always treated student’s performances and showcases of high value. The goal of the school is to include both faculty and students, in addition to the general public, a high quality performance with new and original productions. 

   During Covid IU South Bend’s music and drama students had to get creative when faced with sharing their work. This led to virtual and pre-recorded content of plays, musicals, orchestras and much more. Though not under ideal circumstances, students within the programs were determined to continue in their work and presentations. 

   The next performances are always right around the corner. On Mar. 29 there will be a performance in light of the “Composed by Women” performance series, April 8 will host the Euclid Quartet’s concert, and the Jazz Ensemble will perform on April 14. Plays and musicals are also coming and more information can be found by visiting https://events.iu.edu/iusbarts/.

Photo // arts.iusb.edu

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