Simple Student Meals: Pasta Salad

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By: Taylor Garrett


With spring break approaching quickly, a lot of us are wanting to eat healthier to get into shape for summer. There are many things that we could eat to accomplish this, but sometimes eating low calorie meals and salads gets boring. This meal solves the problem, still being healthy but filling and delicious!

This pasta salad gives you carbs with the noodles, but still gives you the fresh and healthy taste of an amazing salad. You can add any vegetables that you like in your salad, along with any noodles that you have at home to customize your healthy meal!


• Lettuce (I used a spring mix)

• Noodles

• Half a cup of cherry tomatoes

• Ranch (or any other dressing you enjoy)

• Shredded parmesan cheese

Instructions Checklist

• Step 1: Begin cooking half a cup of the noodle of your choice

• Step 2: Quarter the cherry tomatoes

• Step 3: Put your lettuce in a bowl and mix in the tomatoes

• Step 4: Once the noodles are done cooking, rinse them under cold water and mix them into the salad

• Step 5: Add in your desired amount of ranch and parmesan cheese, along with anything else you would like, and enjoy!

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