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Artist Spotlight: Taylor Garrett

By: Ashley Rose

Staff writer/ photographer

Taylor Garrett is a sophomore at IU South Bend. She is working to get her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design. The biggest artistic inspiration is everyday life. A lot of her ideas come from being outside. 

Speaking on her love for nature, Garrett said that she likes to “create pieces that have to do with nature, because everyone can connect with them and I love finding the beauty in it.” 

In her piece, “Give Me Life,” Garrett began the creation process without a story, but one formed over time as the piece was further created. The piece represents a woman who had no will to live and was just an empty stone. This empty stone decided to “take the life” from the earth. That is why she is seen drinking the life out of the lake. She is also giving it back to herself, which you can see in the cracks and flowers coming out of her stone surface. 

Garrett said: “I think that if people want to get something out of this piece, it’s that being outside in nature and just taking it in can be healing and bring you happiness all the time!”

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