Artist Spotlight: Leigha Jones

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By: Ashley Rose

Staff writer/ photographer

Leigha Jones is a sophomore at IU South Bend, earning her degree in fine arts with a concentration in graphic design. Her favorite mediums to create art with are graphite and charcoal. 

When asked about her biggest inspiration for art, Jones said: “My biggest inspiration as an artist is finding different ways to put a little piece of my soul and my story into everything I create.” For Jones, art started out as a passionate hobby and turned into a form of therapy that everyone can see, but only some can understand. This is what drives her work. 

For this art piece, Jones was assigned to create a piece in a triadic color scheme using pastels and at least 7 objects. While this piece has remained untitled, there is so much to take in. She chose her favorite items in her room, as well as her favorite colors, and got to work on this piece. Her goal for this piece was for it to be mysterious, magical, and a little dark. She wanted it to fit the vibes of her surroundings at home.

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