Artist Spotlight: Chloe Teall

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By: Ashley Rose

Staff writer/photographer

Chloe Teall is a senior at IU South Bend and will be graduating this spring with a Bachelor of Fine Arts as well as a minor in Printmaking. Teall will be continuing her degree at the Herron School of Art where she will earn her Master’s. Teall’s favorite art medium is mixed media, which is presented in her highlighted piece. 

When asked about her artistic inspiration, Teall said, “My artwork is very much inspired by the music that I listen to. I am a die-hard music lover– particularly hip hop– and it greatly influences my work. I often incorporate lyrics into my pieces, like in Siegfried.” 

Her musical inspiration for this piece was a Frank Ocean lyric that says “I’d rather live outside.” Teall explained how she almost thought life would be easier if she were a plant or a bug outside, instead of worrying about being an adult. Though most of her work includes text, Teall likes the viewer to draw their own interpretation. 

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