Titan Tails

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By: Chloe Teall


Falafel Fred

   Before I introduce this week’s adoptable pets, I want to take a moment to outline some ways that you can support local shelters other than monetary donations. Right now, the Humane Society of St. Joseph County is in dire need of bleach. It is crucial that they maintain a sanitary environment for the animals’ safety, so they have to use multiple gallons of bleach each week.

   Donating items is a very simple and cost effective way to support their efforts in animal rescue. If you are a pet owner and have any unused toys, beds or supplies, contact a shelter instead of throwing it away. The Humane Society even has an Amazon wishlist that you can purchase from and have sent directly to the shelter without having to leave your house.


   Looking for a little dog with a huge personality? Falafel Fred just might be the guy for you. He is about three years old and ready to find his forever family. He is tiny, cute and perfect, as every good Falafel should be. Fred is a mixed breed, but we love him all the same. I have a feeling this little man is popular, so don’t hesitate to apply.

   Meet Tugboat. This sweet two-year-old boy has a huge heart and is ready to share it with you. Tugboat is a mixed breed and is medium to large sized. He absolutely loves to play fetch, and would do best in an environment where he can be active. Anyone who is ready to match Tugboat’s adorably silly personality will be so glad they welcomed him into their life. 


   More of a cat person? Make an appointment to come meet Agnes. She is a very wise kitty who is in need of a cozy place to call home. Agnes has green eyes and long hair with a beautiful brown and white pattern. The staff hypothesize that she may be a Maine Coon mix because of her unique coat. In my opinion, she has a rather mystical look, like she knows a lot of secrets…Why not trust her with yours?

   If any of these pets caught your attention, visit https://humanesocietystjc.org/adopt to learn more about how you can meet your forever best friend. A link to their Amazon wishlist can be found on their website and social media as well.

Photos // Humane Society of St. Joseph County

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