The future of booster shots at IU South Bend

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By: Benjamin Ward  


   As Covid-19 mandates and requirements begin to change, IU South Bend is doing all that it can in order to stay ahead of the punch.  

   Since the outbreak of the virus the IU community has strove to keep students and faculty in the  know about what is required of them. Moreover, the school’s biggest desire is to provide easy  access and effective means by which students can stay up to date on masking, vaccines, and  booster shots.  

   The school has started an incentive program which allows students who report their booster shot the ability to receive $20 as a reward. There are currently no plans to stop this program, with hopes that this will help encourage more to become protected against the virus. While many initiatives have been successful, they have not come without trial. IU health officials have been giving their best efforts to take the diverse backgrounds of students into perspective.  

   “IU as a whole attempts to not focus on politics as an issue,” said Dr. Aaron Carroll, Chief  Health Officer of IU. “We all just need to focus on the next 2 weeks ahead of us and make our  decisions accordingly.” 

   While there are still few answers as to what happens next, Dr. Carroll stressed that he is  impressed by students and faculty as they respond to the virus. As part of IU’s efforts to keep  students informed, the school is holding weekly webinars with Dr. Carroll, called “Ask Aaron.”  These webinars can be found at 

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