Student spotlight: Reginald Williams

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By: Mabel Myers


   Black History Month is important for all students at IU South Bend, but Reginald Williams sees this as an opportunity for the school to show its inclusivity of the different demographics that attend. 

   “Before transferring to IUSB, my previous college did not have a lot of support for African-American students. IU South Bend does a phenomenal job at making me feel welcomed, along with many other reasons is why I feel IU South Bend should celebrate Black History Month and continue to,” Williams said. 

   Williams is a junior secondary English education major and a Resident Assistant at River Crossing campus housing. One of his major accomplishments is that he has been on the Dean’s list since he transferred in 2020. 

   “I am also in the process of creating a fun, energetic and amazing podcast with good buddies of mine. This, in my opinion, could not have been done without the support IUSB provided me and what I continue to ask for thanks to my advisors, professors, and individuals I work with here in housing!” said Williams.

   Williams feels that he is supported as an African-American man at IU South Bend by the events that the school holds for students like him. He is also encouraged by the Civil Rights Heritage Center, calling the Center a “breath of fresh air” for having “open arms for me to come in and learn and take advantage of the social events they provide.”

   “Black History Month for me is sitting down and realizing the great African-American women and men that have paved the way for young adults like me. It is a rush of emotions, knowing that you are destined for greatness, knowing that your brothers and sisters share the same passion for being the best they can be,” Williams said.

   Williams is inspired by Black History Month to achieve greatness in his community and for his family. He said he has always known to look for the beauty in the struggles you face. 

   “It is knowing that if you are the first or last in your family to achieve greatness… that it does not end with you,” Williams said. “Instead, you instill a fire of passion in the next generation to come.”

Photo // Reginald Williams

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