Black History Month campus Opinion

Student spotlight: I’Vory Woods

By: Ashley Rose

Staff Photographer/Staff Writer

   Black History Month means a lot to many different students for many different reasons. Junior I’Vory Woods, a social work major at IU South Bend, finds Black History Month to be very important to her. 

   Woods is incredibly involved with the school. She is a part of the Student Social Work Association as well as the Black Student Union. Woods has accomplished a lot within her time at IU South Bend, including being a recipient for the Building Bridges Award, being nominated for an IU School of Social Work Award that recognizes commitment to social justice and human rights and receiving over $6000 in scholarships. 

   Growing up, Woods learned about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks and Malcom X in school. However, she has gained a lot of her knowledge through self education. 

   “I learned [about] the more in-depth elements and events that many of my people had to endure. Because of their sacrifices, their braveness, persistence and resilience, we are here today. It’s honestly quite inspiring and moving,” Woods said.

   Woods finds that it is very important for IU South Bend to celebrate Black History Month, as it celebrates diversity and unites South Bend as a community. 

   “When we are able to put our opinions and differences aside and celebrate with and for one another, we then realize our differences can actually bring us together rather than tear us apart,” Woods said.

   Woods talked about her experiences of sometimes feeling out of place at IU South Bend as an African-American woman, though she believes that with the campus celebration of Black History Month, there can be more unity spread through the university.

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