Student spotlight: Brikea Sherrod

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By: Ashley Rose


   Brikea Sherrod is a junior studying early childhood education at IU South Bend. Outside of her academics, she is very involved with IU South Bend, being recognized as a leader by many. She has been a residential assistant on campus, where she assisted housing students in making their living experience as easy as possible, as well as planning and participating in events that were hosted for housing students. 

   “ I love showing people how comfortable I am showing school spirit, taking pictures and meeting students and professors on different occasions,” said Sherrod. Sherrod is also the school mascot, Titus, which she loves doing. On top of her powerful campus presence as the mascot, she is also an IU South Bend cheerleader, and has been for three years.

   Sherrod finds that Black history is very important to her and also important to the university itself. She describes looking back on black history as “a time where the black community is being appreciated for the impact they have contributed to America as a whole despite the major challenges they went through to make life better for the next generation.” 

   “It is important for IU South Bend to celebrate Black History Month because it shows that they care for the black community and are supportive of us,” said Sherrod. This time of reflection is necessary, as so many Americans are not fully educated on the hardships that black men and women have had to overcome. 

   Sherrod finds that IU South Bend has been an incredibly accepting place for her to go to school as a black woman. She believes the university has supported her by accepting her and helping her become a better person without having to worry about her skin color. Instead, IU South Bend took her in as a family.

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