Student spotlight: Adrienne Robinson


By: Reagan Ayala


   IU South Bend has an amazing wealth of Black students who are making differences in the Community, just by being themselves.

   One such student is Adrienne Robinson.

   A senior, Robinson has spent much of her time at IU South Bend learning about the past of her ancestors. Her love of history is deep, and stems from her childhood. 

   “I was always talking to people who would of course sit and listen to me ramble on about history, and I knew at that moment that was a strong passion of mine,” Robinson said.

   Despite this consuming love of history, when Robinson first enrolled in IU South Bend, she declared a major in social work.

   Robinson was a non-traditional student, having worked as a caseworker for many years before coming back to school. Feeling pressured by her status, she chose to stick to what she knew. Until she took a class that changed her life.

   In her Freshman year, Robinson took a required history class with Dr. Thomas Spencer. One of her writing assignments was to focus on the slave narrative. Upon reading it, Dr.Spencer was impressed. He told Robinson to “follow those passions as a historian and writer”.

   So, Robinson switched her major to history and has not looked back since – even going as far to write her own book, which is currently in the works.

   Composed of over two years of research, the book centers around the Vietnam War; more specifically, the war’s effect on American men, and the struggles they dealt with at war and at home.

   A sneak peak of her work will be available in April. One of her essays, detailing the thought process of Ho Chi Minh, will be published in the Undergraduate Journal for History.

   With graduation coming in May, Robinson is certainly excited to start the next chapter of her life. Awaiting her: The IU South Bend Master of Liberal Arts and Sciences program, where she will concentrate in history.

   Once school finishes for this dynamic individual, Robinson plans to work for museums and conserve artifacts that depict the history of African American culture.

Photo // Adrienne Robinson

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  1. I am so proud of you by being your big sister I should call you my big sister keep up the good work and God bless.

  2. My sister has always been educated, intelligent and a very good observer! I’m so happy and proud of her and her continuing success. She is a woman of free will and she will debate you leaving you to fold.

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