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Living with the editors: Snowed in

By: Alyssa Foster and Cassidy Martenson

Co-Editor and visiting writer

   We got snowed in this week and even though it was only one day, it was miserable.

   We are both out of milk, and what can you actually make without milk? Not macaroni & cheese, the meal Alyssa usually eats. Not even a bowl of cereal. So, what did Alyssa and Cassidy eat instead? It’s simple. Cassidy ate her boyfriend’s ramen noodles. Alyssa ate buttered spaghetti noodles with a burnt, reheated piece of pizza, pictured along with this story. 

   Most students were probably excited to have campus closed for the day. While it was great being able to sit around all day and get caught up on homework, we both will admit that we had absolute cravings for Starbucks and McDonald’s Coke. Did we get Starbucks? No. Did Alyssa leave the apartment at 11 a.m. to drive up the hill to the McDonald’s to get drinks before their 11:30 Zoom class? Absolutely. 

   Though Cassidy no longer works as an editor for The Preface, we still live together and have a class together. With that being said, having our class moved to Zoom on Thursday was great for us. We joined the Zoom meeting together on Cassidy’s iPad and each completed the class work on our own laptops while sitting on the futon in our living room. It worked out great. Maybe next time everybody in the class who lives on campus can join.

   Aside from the homework we got caught up on, we also spent plenty of time binge watching Criminal Minds (Cassidy) and Army Wives (Alyssa). Alyssa also walked to the Community Building four times to get her laundry done. She started her first trip with a sweatshirt and tennis shoes. She finished her final trip with a full winter coat and snow boots. 

   The weather did not scare us, though. At 7 p.m. we were still discussing walking to Martin’s for milk and food. When we realized that we did not want to have to carry all of our groceries back to the apartment, we chose not to. Discussion about walking to McDonald’s for our second Coke of the day also happened, but the walk to McDonald’s is slightly farther than Martin’s, and we also realized that two large Coke’s in one day may not be the best idea.

   We are hoping for less class cancellations and more warm weather. Scraping the snow and ice off of our vehicles in the morning is not our ideal way to wake up, but at least we’re usually the only ones in the parking lot at 7 a.m. when we’re doing so. 

Photo // Alyssa Foster

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