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By: Alyssa Foster and Cassidy Martenson

Co-Editor and 

   Another week, another column where we tell you all about our work and school stress and poor financial situations. This week is special, though, because the money situation is Cassidy’s necessary purchase rather than Alyssa’s unnecessary shopping.

   Cassidy was having some car troubles, though nothing seemed to be big enough to cost more than a couple hundred dollars. That was not the case. Around $2,000 later and she now has a new brake system and a car that is better than ever. She doesn’t have much money anymore, though. 

   Alyssa has not spent much money lately. She stopped shopping as much and started spending more time catching up on sleep and getting ahead on schoolwork. She also spent the entire week getting ready for the Delight Kickoff on Thursday. In all reality, all of the money that Alyssa spent was on gas and her new drink addiction from Sonic. If you have not yet tried a large ice water with lemon slices, sugar free raspberry and sugar free mango, you need to. 

   Last weekend Alyssa drove to New Castle to visit her boyfriend after not seeing him for almost a month due to his shoulder surgery. After driving down and arriving around 10 p.m. it turned out that Benjamin was not even in New Castle. He was in Muncie watching a basketball game and did not even get home until midnight. He was surprised, though, and Alyssa got to enjoy some Pizza King breadsticks while she waited. 

   The spontaneous trip to New Castle resulted in Alyssa finally bringing an ice maker back to the apartment. She got Benjamin one for Christmas and his brother received one as well, so one will be used at the apartment so that Cassidy will no longer have to put cups of water in the freezer to have ice for her drinks in the morning. The problem? Alyssa left the entire inside of the ice maker on the counter, and now we have to wait for Benjamin to come back up north and bring it.

   One of the most amusing situations we are currently going through in our apartment is Kanye West’s Instagram account and the amount of humor Cassidy finds in it. If you look through our text messages, all you find is Cassidy asking Alyssa when she will be at the apartment, her sending close-up photos of her bunny and her sending screenshots of Kanye’s posts on Instagram. In her defense, though, they are quite interesting.

   While we prepare to close out this week’s column, we have a more serious topic to discuss. Alyssa has been missing her Apple Watch for almost two months. She last saw it when she visited Florida before Christmas. She thought she had forgotten it at the resort, but it seems to be quite unlikely due to the locations it is showing up on the Find My Devices app. The watch has traveled with her to New Castle, LaPorte and South Bend all within the last week, but she has no idea where it is.

   Her backpack has been looked through, her purse has been emptied and her car has been cleaned and searched. The watch has not been found, and while Alyssa is bothered by being unable to find it, the situation is having a greater impact on Cassidy who has been losing sleep over it. If you find an Apple Watch with a light pink band, please reach out. We would offer a reward, but Cassidy just had to pay for her car and Alyssa has too many Sonic drinks to buy.

Photo // Cassidy Martenson

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