IU South Bend Honors Club on ice

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By: Benjamin Ward 


   During the Covid-19 pandemic we have all experienced some form of separation from those we love most. But one unique way that IU South Bend has experienced this is in its relation to clubs. 

   The Honors Club is just one of many that have seen the effects of separation during the Covid-19  outbreak. As restrictions and mandates are slowly being lifted the club is now seeing glimmers of  hope on the horizon. 

   “Connections between students have been flourishing as the year progresses as has been the first  time in about a year and a half that we have been able to host nearly all of our events in person. It was evident that we all needed to connect again  and it has been wonderful seeing students make connections,” Said Kaitlyn Dow, honors program intern.

   They will be heading to Howard Park to display their skills on the ice. This event is just one of the club’s many winter outings.

   For this occasion, students will meet on February 22 at 7:15 p.m. in South Bend at Howard Park.  Admission and skate rental is free, but students must reserve a spot as there will be limited  availability.

    “The purpose of this event is to provide honors students an opportunity to get together in the  South Bend community to make connections with one another while also enjoying one of our  beautiful parks,” said Kaitlyn Dow, honors program intern.

   The Titan Atlas describes The Honors Club as striving to connect highly motivated students with  their peers and the greater South Bend community. Information regarding the Honors Club can be  found by visiting https://titanatlas.iusb.edu/organization/honors.

Photo // Titan Atlas

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