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Freshmen First – Year Seminar

By: Reagan Ayala and Mabel Myers

Staff-Writer and Editor-in-Chief

   In Fall of 2021, new changes were made to the general education requirements at IU South Bend. All freshman students are required to be placed into a First-Year Seminar (FYS).

   “The purpose of the FYS peer mentor program is provide support for first-year students making the transition from high school to college,” said Dr. Betsy Lucal.

   An FYS class is a general education class with a peer mentor attached to the class. These mentors are students who work with the teacher to help inform the students on topics more related to their college life. How to navigate campus, what resources IU South Bend has, as well as many other topics are brought up.

   For upper level students, this program can provide an opportunity to help students and still make a living. Being an FYS peer mentor means a 1 credit pass or fail class as well as $1200 a semester.

  “Peer mentors benefit from taking a leadership role in the First Year Seminar and from using their expertise as “cultural guides” to help new students adjust to life on campus. They also have the opportunity to build relationships with their mentees and share their successes and setbacks, said Lucal.

   These mentors have great opportunities to share what many have learned since arriving at college like students may not succeed the first time around but it is okay to learn from it.

   With the growth of the FYS program and the graduation of some peer mentors, they will be looking to add members for the Fall 2022 team.

   Students interested in becoming a peer mentor for the Fall must meet the eligibility requirements: at least a 3.0 GPA, have completed 30 credits, be registered for 12-17 credits during the semesters in which they serve as a peer mentor and a recommendation letter from an instructor.

   To learn more about the program or apply, contact Dr. Lucal at She will be accepting applications until the team is full.

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