Business in the Bend: Cloud Walking Coffee

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By: Alyssa Foster


   South Bend is home to some of the most unique small businesses that offer one-of-a-kind experiences for residents and visitors to enjoy. From local restaurants to small boutiques, South Bend has adventures waiting for everyone. 

   One new addition to the city is Cloud Walking Coffee, a spot that has already shown popularity. Though they offer several coffee beverages, they also provide a large supply of products from locally made small businesses. 

   Located down the street from IU South Bend at 1215 E. Mishawaka Ave., Cloud Walking Coffee offers cappuccinos, espresso, Americanos, hot chocolate, teas and specialty flavored lattes. They also offer whole milk and oat milk options for those with dietary restrictions or preferences. 

   In addition to their coffee, they offer several pastries and bakery items including shortbreads, cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, muffins, scones, tarts, bagels and cookies. There are options for everybody, including a case of cold beverages including tonic water, bottled sodas, sparkling waters and other chilled drinks. 

   Additional items can be purchased from their shop, which features walls lined with local goods. Canned jelly and jams, small décor and plants are all available, as well as supplies and ingredients to make your own coffee creations at home. 

   Cloud Walking Coffee serves products from many local brands. The shop hosts Violet Sky chocolate, a locally produced brand, for customers to indulge in. The Elder Bread, another local bakery, also provides their delicious treats and sourdough bread, which are top sellers. Cloud Walking Coffee’s tarts and macarons are from Love and Macarons, also on Mishawaka Ave. The business even uses mugs and dining ware by local ceramic artist Alec Hoogland.

   With a cozy environment, spacious seating area and large windows, Cloud Walking Coffee makes for a perfect place to study, refresh, or just hang out. 

Photo // Cassidy Martenson

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