Submission deadline approaching for Ability 3 Art Show

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By: Chloe Teall


In honor of March being Disability Awareness month, the Civil Rights Heritage Center will be hosting the Ability 3 Art Show to showcase disabled creatives in the community. Ability 3 is looking to feature both 2D and 3D art pieces.

The show is open to all artists who live with a medical, physical, learning or psychological disability. The deadline to submit artwork to the show is on Feb. 4, and all qualifying artists are encouraged to participate.

Art is meant to be made by, shared with, and a portrayal of people from all walks of life. Unfortunately marginalized communities are often excluded from or greatly underrepresented in creative spaces, which sets a false and harmful precedent for what an artist is supposed to look like. 

“This exhibit showcases artists who happen to have a disability, and not disabled people who happen to make art. The objective is to emphasize that these individuals are people and artists first and foremost,” the Ability 3 Art Show Daily Titan page says.

For many artists, creating is a form of personal expression for their lived experiences. It is important that individuals of all backgrounds are welcomed in creative communities because their perspectives are invaluable and worthy of attention. 

For those who are interested in attending this event, the show will be on display from March 10 through April 22. The opening reception will be held on March 10 from 6-8 p.m. at the Civil Rights Heritage Center. 

Further information about participating in the Ability 3 Art Show can be located on the event’s Daily Titan page. Submissions of artwork should be sent to

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