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By: Cassidy Martenson


The Career Services Office at IU South Bend will be hosting a virtual and asynchronous Résumé Remix event on Feb. 8. This offers students an opportunity to have their résumé reviewed to optimize their future career success. 

Students do not need to join the event in-person or via Zoom. They will simply send an email to the Career Services Office with a copy of their résumé attached as a Microsoft Word document. 

The résumé will be reviewed by the office staff, who will offer suggestions and proofread for typos and misspelled words. They will also provide advice on how to improve the impact on the Hiring Manager. 

“A well written and formatted résumé can convince a Hiring Manager to invite someone to interview for an internship or job,” Maureen Green, Employer Relations and Data Specialist, said. 

Once an interview is scheduled, the company has a chance to learn even more about the applicant. However, this is also a chance for the applicant to learn more about the company and work environment. 

“It’s important to remember that you have to choose them as much as they choose you,” Green said. 

Résumé Remix is only one of the great services that the Career Services Office provides to students. They also provide LinkedIn Reviews, networking events, and one-on-one appointments for any student. 

“The Career Services Office exists to help students get through college as it relates to what they want to do after they graduate,” Green said. Students can also continue to receive help from the Career Services Office after graduation. 

Students should utilize IUSBCareers to find job postings, programs & events, schedule an appointment, and research employers. Any students interested in submitting their résumés for Résumé Remix should send them to on Feb. 8.

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