Living with the editors: changes

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By: Alyssa Foster and Cassidy Martenson 


Picture this: your roommate yells from the hallway where her emotional support bunny lives and announces, “I left a present outside your door!” What do you think is outside the door? Alyssa’s first thought was Oatmeal, Cassidy’s emotional support rabbit. She was wrong. It was a potato. A sweet potato to be exact. 

Cassidy used to cook a lot when she lived at home. Since moving into the apartment with Alyssa, she has stopped cooking…until now. Recently, she purchased four potatoes, sweet and regular, because she pictured herself making wonderful, healthy and balanced meals. She immediately forgot about the potatoes and ordered a pizza. Now, Alyssa is the proud owner of one potato and Cassidy’s boyfriend has been forced to eat the others. 

If you thought we could not get any more interesting, you were wrong. Did you know Alyssa used to be a collegiate bowler? If you are anything like Cassidy, you find this information more impressive than anything you have ever heard in your life. Alyssa has a tournament this weekend that she kept a secret from Cassidy, which has caused a lot of tension in the apartment. Cassidy wants nothing more than to watch Alyssa bowl. 

However, Cassidy has big plans this weekend to go to a party and have couple photos taken of her and John by our wonderful staff photographer, Ashley Rose. If you have ever seen Cassidy on a weekend, these plans are just as shocking as Alyssa being a semi-professional bowler. 

Finally, it is our job to tell you all that Cassidy will no longer be editing for The Preface. She has accepted a new role at IU South Bend and looks forward to seeing where it takes her. She will still be around to help The Preface, and maybe even keep up this column. But if the column continues, we will definitely need a new name. Please send any suggestions to Alyssa at

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