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Sounding off to a new semester: Manny Torres performs at IU South Bend

By: Reagan Ayala

With the new semester starting, fun events for the students are already piling high. One such event was the Titan Cafe, put on by Titan Productions and the Office of Student Life.

Hosted in the Community Building on Jan. 20, this event was a relaxing night for students and faculty. The Common Room was transformed into a dimly lit coffee shop with take-home cups of Sodexo’s Starbucks coffee available for attendees.

Like most cafes, there was music to add some entertainment and enjoyment for those attending. The big musical act was Manny Torres, a Chicago-based singer originally from Flint, Michigan who appeared on Season 15 of American Idol.

Torres started the show off strong by performing various cover songs like Use Somebody by Kings of Leon. As the show progressed the singer began performing his original songs I Do and Real Life. The show was immediately followed by a Q&A session with the singer.

“How was the transition out of American Idol to back to normal life?” one student asked.

“It was definitely a transition. When I came out of Idol I went back to Chicago in grind mode. It was hard for a bit because you’re high for a bit [in ratings] then the next season starts and suddenly everyone’s focused on that,” Torres explained.

Another student asked Torres, “What’s your biggest musical inspiration right now.” Torres explained his respect and admiration of John Legend and John Mayer

Torres finished the session with some helpful advice for students looking to achieve their dreams.

“Focus on the ‘why’ and if it makes sense everything will come into play. You gotta grind and take time! When things fail- because you will fail- if your reasons and why are in sync you won’t be shaken.”

You can find Manny Torres on Spotify or on YouTube to learn more about his music and upcoming shows.

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