Men’s basketball: ruling the rankings

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By: Kaylee Darnell

Sports Editor

Since the start of the men’s basketball season, they have been going up in the rankings and surpassing previous records and stats. The team was recently ranked at 25 in the NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletes) Coaches’ Top 25 Poll, and just climbed up to take the 22 spot. This is the teams highest-ever rank in this national rankings poll since their previous highest, 25. 

“The biggest thing right now is how much we believe in each other and what we’re capable of. Even when things aren’t going our way we make sure to stick together,” said Kenny Washington, senior. 

This is only the third time in the program’s history that they have been ranked in this poll, and each of these three times has been during this season. The Titans are now 14-3, (10-1 in their conference) and are in second being Olivet Nazarene, being one game behind. 

“With all the stuff going on with Covid and people having to sit out right now, it’s important for us to stay focused and take care of our bodies. We need to stay focused and overcome adversity. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react, so just staying mentally strong,”said Spencer Pettit, senior.

The team won their first NAIA conference tournament in 2020 despite the start of COVID, and then won their second conference tournament in 2021, and have hopes of continuing this streak and breaking more records. 

“Hopefully [we can] come out on top of the conference at the end of the regular season, win the conference championship, and win the natural championship. We forsure need to do the little things when it gets hard, and take care of our bodies,” Washington said. 

The next coaches ranking poll results come out on Jan 26 and this will be the fifth update since their preseason polls. To keep up with the polls and the men’s basketball team go online to, and select men’s basketball and then click on rankings. 

The men’s team is in the midst of their season and have plenty of games left to continue their goals of climbing in the rankings and claiming another conference tournament victory. 

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Photo provided by IU South Bend Titans Website.

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