Meet the staff: Mara Nolan

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By: Mara Nolan 


Throughout my years as an undergrad, I was too shy to branch out. However, as the semesters passed, and the date of my graduation was impending, a change in my perspective left me thirsting to try new things. So, I joined The Preface.  

My name is Mara Nolan, and I am the newest intern at The Preface. This is a novel and exciting experience because it is my first in journalism and newspaper-writing and requires that I invest myself in the university and college life and all that it has to offer.  I am greatly looking forward to learning more about myself, my peers, my professors, my community, and my university through the stories that I pursue as an intern, and through the work that my colleagues at The Preface produce. 

I am entering my final semester as an undergraduate student at Indiana University South Bend. I am majoring in History and minoring in Art History. I spend much of my time writing, researching and studying. Within the past year I have become more involved and invested in my pursuits as a historian. I am currently the editor-in-chief of the Undergraduate Research Journal of History here at IU South Bend, and I work as a student archives assistant in the IUSB Library Archives and Special Collections. 

While I am certainly involved in history at school, I spend my free time investing in the arts. I frequently visit art museums—locally, nationally and internationally—and appreciate music, film and theater. I enjoy painting and drawing on the side, but mostly my own visual productions exist in the form of doodles dispersed throughout my journals and in the margins of my notes. 

I find that I am always writing—be it for school, for work or for pleasure. I use journaling as a source of therapy; poetry and creative writing as outlets of artistic and emotional expression; and scholarly and academic writing in school. My passion for writing developed out of my love of reading. When I am not learning, completing assignments, editing, dealing with archival materials, visiting museums, etc., I am most likely reading. I fill the empty spaces of my schedule with the chapters of books of all kinds. 

It is an honor to be part of this wonderful and thriving community, and I look forward to getting to know its individual members as I finish my last year as an undergraduate student. I am excited to share my interests and stories with all of you and hope that you will not hesitate to dive more deeply into your own experience at IU South Bend.

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