Living with the Editors: Remix

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By: Alyssa Foster and Cassidy Martenson

Managing Editor and Community 

We are back. We are not too sure what happens now that we are back, but here we are. 

Not much has changed since we last updated you on our lives. However, John is now back, and Benjamin is now gone. He is only gone for a month or so, but he is still an absent figure while he is down south in his hometown recovering from surgery. Now that John is back in the United States, Alyssa and Cassidy have switched roles; Alyssa is now the lonely one.

We really don’t have anything else going for us at this point. All we do is go to class, do homework and go to work. This week Cassidy decided to switch it up and make a meal in our apartment kitchen. There’s a first time for everything, however there is also a last. If you see her on campus be sure to ask her how her fingertips are feeling. She may or may not have decided to put her hand into a boiling pot of water instead of putting noodles in.

Alyssa has been so tired and overwhelmed by the amount of work she has to get done, but that has not stopped her from continuing her TikTok addiction. After seeing a video of a girl using an app to merge her face with her boyfriend’s face to see what their child would potentially look like, it was obvious that Alyssa had to do so as well. Major problem: the child ended up looking like a young version of Cassidy. 

Now that we are in 2022 and we both graduate before the year is over, there are some interesting points that we have noticed about ourselves. The first one is that while we have been in college six semesters now, they have not been very normal. As transfer students, we have not met many people. Therefore, we are now taking friend applications. Find us on our social media or find us on campus to apply. No applications are denied. 

Overall, we are excited for where the semester takes us, but we are also ready for it to be over already. We are approaching week three, yet somehow the only positive things going for us right now are the fact that Cassidy has a perfect bracket (see photo to track her future failures), and Alyssa is getting more than four hours of sleep most nights. 

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