Student Nurses Association hosts clothing and toiletry drive

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By: Alyssa Foster


   The IU South Bend Student Nurses Association is currently hosting a “Keep the Children Warm” donation drive. The donation drive will continue through Oct. 15.

   The SNA is currently collecting hats, gloves, scarves, gently used coats, boots, deodorants, combs, toothbrushes and small children’s clothes for students at local elementary schools. 

   “In the colder months pipes burst and so many things can prevent good hygiene, and not all parents can afford gloves and hats and coats or boots for the kids to keep them warm,” the SNA Titan Atlas page states.

   Donations are planned to go to elementary schools with less access to resources for students in need of extra clothing and toiletries. The SNA is hopeful that they will be able to prevent elementary students from being without proper essentials, especially in the cold winter months.

   “It can be really embarrassing to these students and may start to promote social disorders in students or low socioeconomic status as well as bullying from other students,” Katherine Cassel, Student Nurses Association President, said.

   Having a selection of clothing and hygiene items at the school(s) will help in cases of accidents, low-income families and in the situations of a lack of cold-weather supplies.  

   “Hopefully we can make it easier on those students, parents and even the school to provide a more consistent education without disruption of things that can be avoided or prevented,” Cassel said. 

   Donations can be dropped off in Northside on the first and fourth floors. Cassel can also be contacted at with questions about the drive or to arrange alternatives for drop-offs.

Photo provided by Titan Atlas

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