Living with the editors: New fridge, new smells

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By: Alyssa Foster and Cassidy Martenson

Co-Editor-in-Chief and Co-Editor-in-Chief/Community Outreach Manager

   The past couple weeks have been completely different for the two of us. One of us spent ten days in Europe. The other spent ten days in South Bend doing the same thing she has done for the last few months. 

   Cassidy traveled from London, to Paris, to Barcelona and back to London within seven days. To say she is tired would be an understatement. However, she would take being this tired forever for the chance to go back for the food, culture and her boyfriend. Now it’s back to work, school and counting down the days until John comes home. 

   While Cassidy spent her time in an entirely different country, Alyssa stayed at the apartment doing the same thing as every other week: homework, sleeping and working. However, the last few weeks have been slightly different in the apartment.

   The fridge in our apartment has been refusing to fully close for a while now, keeping our food warm and our freezer completely iced over. We’d like to give a huge shout out to the Campus Housing maintenance workers who got us a completely new fridge within 24 hours. Without them, Alyssa would not have milk for her cereal or butter for her macaroni and cheese. 

   Our new fridge may have been the most exciting thing to happen in our apartment if it weren’t for Nick, Cassidy’s dad. Our living room wax warmer now has a variety of scents for us to add to it thanks to Nick bringing us new options. He even brought small cups for us to put the wax in to make it easier to switch scents. What would we do without Nick?

   Alyssa is currently preparing to leave to go down to New Castle for the second time with Benjamin. The last time was great; his brothers are beyond entertaining, his mom is the sweetest person I’ve met and even his friend who is referred to as “Womanizer Bub” was fun to hang out with. The only problem is the lack of Starbucks in the town. Any advice on how to bring five day’s worth of Starbucks on a three hour trip is greatly appreciated.

    Ultimately, without her daily Starbucks, who knows if Alyssa will even be a part of the next Living with the Editors issue? Although as a Chicago Bears fan who will be surprising Benjamin with Indianapolis Colts tickets on Thursday, there is definitely a chance she’ll be running back to Northern Indiana as soon as possible.

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