Living with the editors: Four muffins, no money

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By: Alyssa Foster and Cassidy Martinson

Co-Editor-in-Chief and Community Outreach Specialist/Co-Editor-in-Chief

   Welcome back to another week in our lives. Last week we gave you a little bit of a break by introducing you to our boyfriends. However, this week we are back to questioning how we even have boyfriends. 

   This week has consisted of crying, preparing, working, stressing, going broke, buying muffins and drinking coffee.

   By this point you already know about our crying problems. We are two 20-year-old college girls who get stressed over the idea of getting an A- and who work 40+ hours each week. We know that stressful situations come to everyone, but we often wonder how we get stuck in some of the ones we find ourselves in. 

   For example, we find it very difficult to understand how we can work over 40 hours every week but still only have $140 in our bank accounts. I guess you can say that college and shopping addictions really do bring struggles. 

   Cassidy is currently preparing to leave to see her boyfriend, John, in London, and by the time you read this she will already be on her way there. Getting to go on a week-long trip to London doesn’t sound like anything to complain about, but as a college student who is trying to get all of her work done prior to leaving, it becomes overwhelming trying to complete 27 assignments in four days. 

   As for Alyssa, this week has been busy but smooth. She finally spent more than an hour at a time in the apartment, and she even slept there three nights this week. It’s a record. However, seeing as she goes to bed around two in the morning and wakes up at 5:30 am on Wednesdays to get Starbucks and get work done, it was not exactly like she got any sleep while being there. 

   Alyssa has also declared Cassidy as a professional barista. Somehow Cassidy was able to make the best latte Alyssa has ever had, and Alyssa has been unable to stop craving it every time she gets in her car and sees the coffee mug that she drank it out of. She refuses to take it out of the car though, so she will probably end up throwing it away in two months and will likely just buy a new one. Who was complaining about having no money, again?

   It is wild to see that we are already almost halfway through the semester. With all of the craziness that goes on each week it surprises us how fast it has gone. Between stepping in geese poop, finding smashed frogs and dealing with our emotions, it seems never-ending. All we can hope for is good grades, strong mental health and for muffins to be labeled correctly the next time Cassidy chooses to purchase four of them at once.

Photo provided by Ashley Rose.

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