Shooting into Archery Club

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Photos provided by Archery Club’s Titan Atlas Page

By: Reagan Ayala


   The Archery Club at IU South Bend has something special planned for their last shootout in December.

   During their recent meeting on Nov. 9, the club got together to make some big decisions on how to celebrate the end of the semester.

   Every month the club has a shootout event, where the Archery Club members get together at Michiana Archery and practice their aim. Regular shootouts include not only a night of shooting arrows at targets with the club but are a bonding experience for everyone.

  Once and a while, however, the club likes to hold “special” shootouts. Typically based around a theme, these events are designed to bring in more people and provide a challenge to some of the archery members. 

   Past special shootouts include a holiday-themed Christmas shoot, a Valentine’s Day themed “love” shoot, and a fun board-game themed Monopoly shoot. These fun-filled themed nights are made possible with the inclusion of special arrow targets created by members of the club.

   The next shootout will be an updated version of their Monopoly Night, made complete with money themed targets and a special “balloon” target that ups the difficulty for archers by being a moving target. This will take place on Dec. 3 at 5 pm at Michiana Archery. Food will be provided for those who attend the event.

   Interested in learning more about the Archery Club? Check out their Titan Atlas page or email for more information!

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