Proving their position: women’s basketball

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By: Kaylee Darnell


   The IU South Bend women’s basketball team has officially started their 2021-2022 season and are currently 4-1 (as of Nov. 6). They were recently ranked at number four in the Preseason Coaches Poll.

   “I think it was a good starting spot for us. We only had the chance to play four games last year, so we are definitely excited for this season,” junior Emma Fisher said. 

   Since the Titans only participated in four games last season, they are working even harder during practices to prepare themselves for this season with the hopes of going further into the Conference Tournament.

   “I think every season is something new to prove. We worked really hard in the off season so I really think we’re all just happy to play someone else,” Fisher said. 

   The team has been practicing since the beginning of the school year during their off season, and are still practicing now. With each day they are working to better themselves to prepare for the rest of the season and working to get far enough into the regular season so they can make it to the tournament and then, hopefully to nationals. 

   “Our goals are just to improve each game, especially on our defensive side. Coach always talks to us about how much our defense can motivate our offense. I think that we are just focusing on growing together as a team and trusting the process,” Fisher said. 

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Photo provided by the IU South Bend Athletic Department.

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