Living with the editors: So icy

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By: Alyssa Foster and Cassidy Martenson

Co-Editor-in-Chief and Co-Editor-in-Chief/Community Outreach Specialist 

   If you saw two people crying while scraping ice off their cars at 7:30 am, it definitely was not us. Okay fine, it was definitely us, and we are not okay. 

   Something you should know about Cassidy is that the thought of snow, ice or temperatures below 50 degrees is enough to make her book a one way ticket to Florida. Therefore, when she was faced with an ice covered car this week she determined that she would be dropping out and moving away. We’re just kidding, she can’t drop out because this column depends on her…and Alyssa maybe. 

   Fun fact: the only thing Cassidy hates more than the cold is needles. Can you predict where this is going? Yeah, she had to get a shot and her blood drawn within the past week. To say she is traumatized would be an understatement. Sadly, once this article is published, she will have gotten another shot. That’s three for anyone counting. But vaccines are important and this is your reminder to get your COVID-19 vaccine or booster and your flu shot. If Cassidy can do it, anyone can.  

   Alyssa took a trip far, far away from Cassidy this week to beautiful New Castle, Indiana. Spoiler alert: there is no castle there. It was very eventful and the surprise Colts game went great. However, apparently Benjamin’s entire family, along with all of their friends, thought that an engagement announcement was going to be happening.

   The day after Alyssa got to New Castle, she got her nails done and she and Benjamin went to dinner with Benjamin’s mom before heading to the game. They were later told that his entire family and all of his mom’s friends had been discussing whether it was going to be announced that a wedding was being planned. 

   Apparently Alyssa and Benjamin really need to work on the things they tell his family in order to make sure they are fully aware of what is happening. And, unfortunately for his mom who was disappointed because she has always wanted a daughter after raising five boys, a wedding is not planned for the near future. Especially not for a couple who has been in a relationship for only a few months.

   We want to end our column this week not talking about us, and instead thanking all of you who actually read this mess. We have recently heard that many of you look forward to our weekly publications and we are very grateful. We created this as a way to vent about our lives and do something together as roommates. We never thought people would actually enjoy it. We hope we can continue to make you laugh.

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