God is Delighted to have you (and so are they)

By: Ashley Rose


   Navigating college can be hard enough, as students attempt to live alone, manage a job, school and a social life. But how can students ensure they stay connected with their spirituality? Delight is a religious organization that has an initiative of bringing together Women of Christ to build a Godly community. The club is a great way for women to explore the Chrisitian religion or dive deeper into their relationship with God. 

   The members of Delight have several core values that they work into their organization. The first is being intentional. Delight members believe in actively going out of their way to pursue different women and invite them to understanding God’s love.

   They also believe in building a vulnerable community. Religion, itself, is a very vulnerable thing to be a part of and actively participate in. Delight encourages its members and the community to be vulnerable with God and to build a relationship with them. 

   One member of Delight, Casey Yankowsky, is a freshman who joined Delight this semester. Yankowsky was very excited when she heard about the club. 

   “The IUSB Delight group is so incredibly welcoming! It has impacted my college experience in the most positive way by giving me a great sense of community. The girls are so amazing and give me an extra thing to look forward to every week!” Yankowsky said.

   Delight has not just impacted IU South Bend, but it has also impacted over 14,000 college women, as there are over 200 active chapters around the country. 

   “I think Delight is a really great part of IUSB. It gives young women who love Jesus a chance to meet and connect with like minded women. It is so empowering praising Jesus with awesome women!” Yankowsky said.

   Those interested in Delight and what the group has to offer can reach out to their Instagram account @delight_iusb.

By The Preface at IUSB

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