Gamer’s Guild partners with Schurz Library for festive game night

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By: Mira Costello


   Spooky, scary…scrabble games?

   Everyone has their own style of kicking off Hallo-weekend, and for Gamer’s Guild, it’s board games, costumes, friends and food. 

   On Oct. 29 from 4:30 to 7 pm, the club partnered with Franklin D. Schurz Library to hold a Halloween game night in the Wiekamp Educational Resource Commons on the second floor of the Education and Arts Building.

   Like all of their meetings, the event was open to new and seasoned Gamer’s Guild members, all other IU South Bend students and any community members. Attendees dressed as zombies, cartoon characters and clowns. They played board and card games, enjoyed Halloween candy and participated in a costume contest. The winners had their pick of pumpkins to carve.

   Freshman Jordan Bontrager, who dressed up as Kurt Cobain, recently started coming to Gamer’s Guild more consistently. “I feel welcome here,” he said. “As generic as it is, it’s true.”

   “I think the event was a success. We had people in costumes, we had plenty of games going on, and a great environment to be around,” Connor Dick, vice president of Gamer’s Guild, said.   “We should still be looking at playing games twice a week. We’re probably going to be partnering with the French club and other clubs in the very near future, and possibly having a Christmas party as well.”   Gamer’s Guild meets twice a week in the Student Activities Center from 5 to 8 pm Their weekly schedule alternates: they meet one week on Wednesday and Thursday, and the following week on Wednesday and Friday. All students and community members are welcome. Anyone interested in being on the Gamer’s Guild mailing list can contact President Ian Greaves at

Photo provided by Mira Costello.

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