Basketball team brings home win against Holy Cross

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By: Emily Hinds, Ashley Rose, and Cassidy Martenson 

Staff-Writer / Intern / Co-Editor

   IU South Bend’s basketball team took on Holy Cross college on Nov. 9, securing their first victory at their first home game of the season. Fans and cheerleaders cheered on the team as they defeated Holy Cross with a final score of 79 Titans, 46 Holy Cross.

   “I thought they played really well! Towards the beginning they had a rough start, but during the second half they definitely came back around. They had a lot more energy and motivation,” Keirra Bremer, IU South Bend cheerleader, said.

   The starting line up of the game consisted of the following players: Kenny Washington, Miles Tracy, Donyell Meredith II, Dylan Allen and Spencer Pettit.

   At the end of the 1st quarter the score was 49-29, Titans leading. Pettit continued to lead the Titans to victory by scoring 18 points. Washington also had his career high, scoring 15 points for the Titans. Micah Poole assisted by scoring 11 points for the Titans and Meredith totaled up 10 points with his seven rebounds. 

   “It was a great and needed team win after taking our first loss of the season that previous week against Bethel. It was good to see our defense step up and lead us to what happened to be the largest margin of victory in our history against Holy Cross,” said Tracy. 

   For a list of upcoming basketball games or to see current standings, visit The next game will take place Nov. 17 at St. Xavier.

Photo provided by IU South Bend Athletic Department.

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