Students, staff and faculty required to get COVID-19 vaccine

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By: Kate Luce


Indiana University announced that students, staff and faculty are required to get the COVID-19 vaccine for the upcoming fall semester. 

This announcement will allow for many of the COVID-19 social distancing restrictions and mask requirements to be relaxed throughout all universities. 

Everyone is to get their first dose of the vaccine no later than July 1, so full immunity can be reached by August 15. The Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson shots are all approved for use, and students, staff and faculty outside of the United States can be vaccinated with any vaccine approved by the World Health Organization or the FDA.

Once someone receives a shot, they are to report it to the COVID-19 Vaccination Report, which can be accessed on One.IU. Students, staff and faculty are required to upload a photo of their COVID-19 vaccine card, given out by the CDC after receiving the first dose.

IU stated in their press release that any student that does not comply with the requirement in the fall will have class registration canceled, access to CrimsonCard canceled, access to IU systems (IU email, Canvas, Adobe programs etc.), and not allowed to participate in any activities on campus.

IU also stated for staff and faculty that do not comply, their employment with IU will be terminated. Working remotely and not meeting the COVID-19 vaccine requirement is not an option for the fall 2021.

However, exemptions from the COVID-19 Vaccine are set to be announced on June 15. Exemptions are set to be narrowly defined, including medical reasons with documentation from a physician and documented religious reasons. 

All vaccines have been approved for those 18 and older. The Pfizer vaccine is the only vaccine that has been approved for those 12-17 years-old. Vaccines are relatively available throughout the country.

If you are an Indiana resident, visit to schedule your vaccine. If you are outside of Indiana, visit

Locally, the Civil Rights Heritage Center is hosting a Johnson and Johnson clinic, for those 18 and older, and Pfizer vaccine clinic, for those 12 to 17 year, on May 27 through May 29 from 9 am to 6 pm. 

Walk-ins for the clinic are available, but those interested in taking part in this clinic are asked to schedule an appointment through 211 or

For more information on the vaccine and other frequently asked questions, visit:

In addition to this resource, Ask Aaron will be answering all of your COVID-19 vaccine questions on May 24 at 8 p.m. Dr. Aaron Carroll and Dr. Lana Dbeibo, leaders of IU’s Medical Response team, will be hosting this forum. Registration to this event has been attached to IU’s announcement on the COVID-19 Vaccine requirement.

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