Share a piece of your culture in the International Student Organization’s Cookbook

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By: Connie Klimek


The International Student Organization at IU South Bend is in the midst of creating a cookbook for all students to share cultural recipes with the university community. 

The hope for this cookbook is to evolve into a tradition for future Titans to participate in while continuing to expand the amount and diversity of recipes.  

The creation of this cookbook came from the cancellation of the International Food Festival that the ISO hosts every year. The ISO began brainstorming ideas to continue the sharing of each other’s cultures with one another while adhering to IU’s COVID-19regulations.

Consuelo Antonio, president of the ISO, suggested sharing recipes from previous food festivals at IU South Bend. Antonio’s idea then evolved into gathering all these recipes and additional recipes from current students, faculty and staff compiled in a cookbook.

Students are encouraged to share recipes that are meaningful to them and their culture. All courses are accepted in the cookbook, such as entrées, appetizers, side dishes, desserts, and even beverages. 

“Think about how many great conversations happen around a dinner table,” principal investigator for Cook Like a Titan, Tony Randles, said.

Randles emphasized that the cookbook is a wonderful opportunity to engage and connect all the cultures located within the IU South Bend community while giving international students a chance to become more involved within the campus. 

Antonio’s idea to create a cookbook partnered well with IU South Bend’s, Cook Like a Titan program, led by Randles.

Cook Like a Titan’s mission is to educate the student body on learning and improving kitchen skills, in addition to providing opportunities for cooking lessons on campus. Cook Like a Titan aspires to host cooking demonstrations, potentially during the 2021-2022 academic year. These cooking demonstrations would include showcasing international student’s recipes featured in the cookbook, leading up to the annual International Food Festival. 

Currently, the ISO has collected 15 recipes representing the following countries: Chile, Mexico, China, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Malawi, Trinidad and Tobago, Greece, Taiwan and Yemen. 

There is no set publication date for the cookbook, as the ISO is still gathering recipes. The ISO and Cook Like a Titan will still be accepting recipes on a rolling basis.

Students are invited and encouraged to submit recipes that remind them of home. Recipes are accepted from the United States, as well as countries around the world.

If interested in becoming involved or with any questions for Cook Like a Titan, contact Kathryn Mathews via

   Current recipes can be found at

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