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Housing residents prepare to move out, Fall Semester plans pending

By: Alyssa Foster

Staff Writer

IU South Bend Residential Housing residents will begin the move-out process on April 20. Students are required to be moved out by the evening of May 7. 

Students moving out of residential housing are able to complete the check-out process in person or virtually through a Zoom meeting. It is up to the student how they choose to meet with their RA.

Each resident can reserve a 15-minute time slot during which they will turn in their keys and go over move-out procedures, such as closing windows and doors and making sure all belongings have been removed. Students must be entirely moved out before their session with their RA begins, as they will be exiting the building immediately after. 

Students who decide to check out in person must wear a mask and social distance while their RA is in their apartment. Those who choose to check out over Zoom will leave their keys on their desk and exit their apartment and the apartment building before ending the call. 

A sign-up sheet for move-out periods will be posted on the RA’s door during the week before finals. Students must sign up for a session ahead of time, and each student must have their own 15-minute session. Roommates will each need to sign up for an individual time. 

“Students should plan to move out within 24 hours of their last final,” Dmitri Nickell, Residential Housing RA, said. 

Students should also prepare to social distance with guests on housing property, as students are currently able to plan to have guests assist in moving out. 

Students are allowed to have “two guests who must be masked at all times if they are in the building,” Nickell said. If this changes, an announcement will be sent to residents.

Those who will be living on campus over the summer must be taking summer courses, completing an internship, or meeting criteria that housing finds necessary for summer living. To learn about the rates for summer housing or to discuss staying over the summer sessions, students can contact

Summer RA positions are also available for students to apply for, though these students do not have to be enrolled in summer classes. Those interested in applying for a position can contact Jacob Zell at

Returning students who plan on living in River Crossing Campus Housing during the Fall Semester can now turn in their contracts. 

“We are looking to go back to normal and allow guests,” Jacob Zell, Residence Coordinator, said. 

According to Zell, plans for next year are subject to change, and policies will be communicated to residents before the start of the Fall semester.

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