19 years of dedication to IU South Bend: Larry Lambert to retire after spring 2021

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By: Cassidy Martenson 


After nearly two decades Larry Lambert, associate professor of communication arts, will retire at the end of this semester. His passion, kindness and dedication to the IU South Bend community will be missed by faculty and students. 

Lambert received his Ph.D. in Communication and Culture with a focus in rhetoric from Indiana University Bloomington in the 1990s. His dissertation, “Invoking the Machine: The Rhetorical Appeal to Machine Technology in American Whig Discourse” is an analysis of the political and cultural movement and how it has shaped the American identity. 

He began teaching at IU South Bend in the 2002 fall semester. He has taught a range of communication courses including Business and Professional Communication and Organizational Communication. In his final semester, Lambert is teaching Introduction to Speech Communication, Persuasive Speaking and Nonverbal Communication. 

“He was our departmental historian, helping us to understand the departmental traditions before many of us arrived as faculty. He also mentored several faculty in our department, including myself, as we went through the promotion process,” Kari Wilson, department chair of the communication studies department, said.

“In the discussions, in class, in assignments and in exercises students talk about their own communication, who they communicate with, and what’s important to them,” Lambert said.

There is a high level of personal engagement in the field of communications. This engagement is something Lambert has enjoyed as it allows him to connect with students. 

“I had Dr. Lambert for two out of my five classes and I definitely feel like I have learned a lot from his classes. His teaching style kept me very engaged and helped me retain material better. I wish him all the best in his upcoming retirement,” Alyssa Bosse, IU South Bend student, said. 

Lambert’s teaching style and outgoing personality will be missed by students and faculty.

“Dr. Lambert has a long history in the Communication Studies department, and we are going to miss him tremendously,” Wilson said. 

Lambert will miss the IU South Bend community as well. Lambert has enjoyed interacting with faculty and students during his time on campus. He explains that the IU South Bend community is interested in what truly matters. While there is a common interest in education and improvement, he says that many IU community members have a passion for larger issues.

He will also miss the beauty of campus and the resources IU South Bend has provided him. He explains that while the campus may be small, it has all the components of a larger university. From the new Education and Arts Building to the removal of Greenlawn Hall, the campus has blossomed beautifully.

Due to COVID-19, Lambert has missed out on his favorite events on campus. Commencement gives him the opportunity to celebrate students and their accomplishments and it brings him joy to see students supported by family and friends. Lambert has attended every IU South Bend commencement since he has been at the university. 

“His hard work and dedication to the department are extremely valued, but we wish him all the best as he takes a well-deserved retirement,” Wilson continued.

Lambert will spend his retirement with friends, family and good books. He looks forward to taking the time to read all the books he has collected over the years and hopefully returning to traveling as vaccinations continue in the U.S.

“I have really enjoyed my years at IUSB. IUSB has been a really good community for me to become connected with” Lambert said. 

He hopes that students continue to engage with communication and understand its vast history.

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